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New Wild Card Night Option

We are currently offering a special one-night-only promotion for the "WSOP 2010 Destination Las Vegas" leagues.  The winner of the "Wild Card" night will qualify for the next level of playoffs for that league. Most bars will run their Wild Card night directly following the conclusion of session 2, make sure to check the locations page to see when their Wild Card night is.  This is a great opportunity for anyone that has not made the playoffs or does not have a double chip stack to get in or get that double chip stack!

Is there anything different about running the Wild Card night?209px-joker_black_02.svg
No, the tournament is ran just like a regular league night, but only the winner is recorded.

What makes the Wild Card night so special?
This is the first time we have ever offered anything like this.  This is a great way to give players who only come to poker sporadically a way to qualify for the playoffs.  It also offers players who are already qualified a chance to get double chips at the regional/state playoffs.

What happens if the winner has already made the playoffs?
If a player has already qualified for the playoffs in either session one or two, at the next level they will receive double chips if he/she would win the Wild Card night.  However, if they already have double chips at the next level and they win the Wild Card night, they do NOT receive any more chips.

If a player has qualified directly to a state championship in areas where there are regionals (MN, ND, or SD) or has a double chip stack at regionals/state already, are they allowed to play?
The purpose of the Wild Card night is to give players one last chance to make the playoffs.  If a player has already made the state championship (ND, MN, SD) by qualifying directly or already has a double chip stack in the regionals or state championship, they have nothing to gain by winning except to keep another player out of the playoffs.  These players will be allowed to play, but it is somewhat discouraged.

What about bars that run two sessions per night?
Each league is only allowed to have one Wild Card winner.  If a bar normally runs two sessions per night, they have a couple options: 1) Run one session with our standard blind structure and the winner gets the Wild Card spot, or 2) Run two sessions with one being the Wild Card tournament and the other being for prizes sponsored by the bar or just for fun.

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