Tina McNabb Wins Texas State Championship

tina mcnabb 160wTina McNabb returned to the FPN National Championship Tournament after a 4 year absence after winning the Texas State Tournament. Tina who was the first Texas State Champion back in 2008 eliminated Justin Overman after flopping top pair on a preflop raise by Justin and avoiding many outs after Justin flopped mid pair and a diamond flush draw.

All the chips went in the middle after the flop and after blanks on the turn and river Tina was able to claim the State Championship. John Belders popped the bubble by eliminating Scot Dufour in 4th place after Scot who was the short stack pushed all-in with J3 offsuit out of the small blind. John, the big blind instantly called with pocket Q's. A Jack on the flop made things interesting but a Q on the turn sent Scot to the rail.

Former Champ Andrew Downing was the chip leader for much of the final table played a key part in helping Tina win the championship as Tina the third biggest stack at the time raised preflop the standard 3 times the blind and received calls from both the second biggest stack, Justin and Andrew the chip leader. The board read A J 3. Justin checked first option and Andrew pushed all in. Tina called and turned over AK for flopped top pair and kicker while Andrew showed A8. Blank on the turn and blank on the river allowed Tina to double up and effectively cripple Andrew who was all in blind the next hand.