Steve Armstrong Wins TX "Vegas or Bust" Championship

Steve Armstrong recently won the Texas "Vegas or Bust" Championship beating out Scott Goessling for the full trip package which includes airfare allowance and free hotel stay at Hooters Casino.  The final hand summary is as follows:

Scott raised from the small blind pre-flop, Steve called the double the blind raise.  On a flop of 2d, 7d, Qd Steve checked his option and Scott bet half the pot, Steve smooth called.  5s came on the turn which Steve bet enough to put Scott all in.  Scott quick called and turned over two pair Q-7.  Steve tabled the nut flush with A-5d.  The river was a blank eliminating Scott.  Steve eliminated the last four players in the championship.

Scott isn't going away empty handed though as by coming in second place he qualified for the Vegas or Bust National Championship as well.  Coming in third was Brian Hurst who also gets to make the trip for their shots at 1 of 12 seats into this years WSOP.

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