Tom Ritter wins Texas Championship

The Texas State Tournament was held on Sunday May 1st at Tollie's BBQ in Arlington, Texas. 26 players came out to attempt to win their way to Sin City and play in the National Championship. The cards started flying and our first casualty came within the first 20 minutes when AK came up against pocket Aces after an Ace came on the flop...

Play continued for about 3 hours before we started losing more players. After about 5 1/2 hours of play, we came down to the final table. The first out was Daryle Perez followed shortly by Paul Poropatic. The top 6 played a while before the Kay Dipalma exited the table. Bill Coker finished in 5th place when his QJ suited could not hold up. Mark Wright was our bubble person and won a seat online to play for a last chance trip.

The top 3 lasted about an hour when Von Jones was finally out in 3rd place. The top 2 players ended up playing only a short time when Jeremy Veilleux went all in with pocket 4's and Tom Ritter called with A-10. The flop came out 6-5-5 then the turn was an 8. Jeremy's 4's were holding up until a 6 came on the river and his 4's were counterfeited and Tom's A-10 won. The top 3 are looking forward to the National Tournament in Vegas and will be great representatives for Texas!

FIRST PLACE - Tom Ritter, Mansfield, TX

SECOND PLACE - Jeremy Veilleux, Arlington, TX

THIRD PLACE - Von Jones, Arlington, TX

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