Bubble Spot Opens Door

Daryl Barrett played great poker in session one of the Ship It! promotion qualifying on both Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  By Daryl double qualifying a bubble spot has opened up letting in two former champions.  Tina McNabb the winner of the Destination Las Vegas promotion and Canyon Thomas the winner of the Vegas Invasion promotion have now both slipped into thte playoffs for Ship It!  Tina bubbled on Wednesday nights and Canyon bubbled on Tuesday nights.  Both players will be looking to become the first ever two time champion and might have to buy Daryl a cocktail or two to go along with a big thank you.

With session two half way completed two players who are accustomed to making the playoffs Jeremy Veilleux is leading the Wednesday night league with Kay Dipalma right behind him.  Both Jeremy and Kay were in Las Vegas at the last championship along with Canyon, Brenda Morefield, and Sharron Carmen and we want to thank all of you that made the trip and hope you had a great time!