Josh "Big Cheese" Krause takes on MN Native Danielle Andersen Headsup for $100 Free

Some of the fun side action at the recent national series included an opportunity to be drawn to play poker pro Danielle Andersen (MN native) headsup for $100 free. Josh "Big Cheese" Krause was the first player drawn and had a fun match with Danielle, who was a great sport. With Poker Night in America's Chris Hanson calling the action and a gallery of dozens of onlookers, Josh calmly took a couple bad beats and eventually lost to Danielle. It was all in fun, and Danielle gave the $100 bill to Josh anyway. Who knows who we'll see this summer during the World Series -or- Bust national championship. 

Pokernew.com live blog update here: https://www.pokernews.com/tours/other-tournaments/fpn-king-slayer-national-championship/main-event/chips.344092.htm