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Daily freerolls, nightly satellites to monthly qualifier. No download.
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King Slayer - Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How Do I Qualify?

A: League Champs automatically advance to the League Champ Championship at the King Slayer National Series. Monthly qualifiers advance to regional and/or state playoffs. Top players at the State Tourneys advance to the King Slayer Championship Event and can also earn Trophy and Travel Voucher. Other ways to qualify include Scratch Poker cards, perfect attendance drawings, 2-pair or better Scratch Poker drawings, plus online in the Online Championship and monthly VIP online tourneys. 

Q: How many players will qualify?

A: Approximately 120 players will qualify directly for the King Slayer Championship Main Event through State Championships & Super-TOC contests. Another 100 or so players will qualify through other qualifiers at the National Series, including the League Champ Championship and Last Chance cash qualifiers for a total field Main Event field of approx 225 players. Grand total all participants expected to be approx 250-350 FPN players.

Q: When and Where will the King Slayer National Championship Be Held?

A: To be determined, soon. It is most likely the tournament will be held in Las Vegas at the Golden Nugget in mid to late January. 

Q: What is the League Champ Championship (League Champ/TOC Bonus Freeroll) at Nationals?

A: League Champ Championship is the kickoff tournament for the King Slayer National Series. ALL King Slayer Medallion holders (League Champs and TOC Winners) automatically earn a seat in this freeroll event. 1st Place is a $10,000 Main Event Seat! Top 15% advance to the KING SLAYER Championship Event. Players who have already qualified for the Championship are still invited to play to go for the grand prize and also try to earn an extra stack in the championship event. Please note: all League Champs and TOC winners still play their State Tourneys to attempt to earn Travel Vouchers, Trophies, and of course a seat in the KING SLAYER Championship Event.

Q: What are details of the Last Chance Tourneys?

A: Last Chance cash qualifiers and Sit-N-Go’s are available to all FPN national qualifiers. Qualify multiple times to earn up to 3x starting stack in the KING SLAYER Championship Event. The cash qualifiers help pad the Main Event Mania total prize pool. No cash will be awarded in the Last Chance Tourneys, only the KING SLAYER Championship Event, which will pay down to the Top 27 players. See the KING SLAYER Tournament Schedule for details on all tournaments. 

Q: Are Last Chance Tourneys open to the public?

A: Only the daily cash tournaments at 1pm and 7pm are open to non-qualifiers where 1 seat in the KING SLAYER Championship will be awarded to the top-placing FPN or friends of FPN player. Therefore, FPN friends and family, non-qualifiers are welcome to participate! ALSO - with the Main Event Mania promotion we have introduced a TAG TEAM Championship as well which may award bracelets and seats in the next FPN National Championship Contest. 

Q: What is the total prize pool?

A: KING SLAYER Championship Event prize pool is expected to be $50,000, with 1st place $25,000, $10,000 in Mystery Bounties, and the remaining prize pool distributed to the rest of the Top 27 players. Mystery Bounties will make the tournament VERY exciting. Every player will have an envelope with an unknown cash bounty award. IF reigning Cash King Bob Tweten happens to qualify for the National Final, FPN will have something special in store for everyone...stay tuned! An additional $15,000+ is awarded in the form of Travel Vouchers for State Champs and Super-TOC winners.

Q: How Much are the Travel Vouchers
A: Vouchers may vary from FREE hotel stay, $200 travel voucher (most common) or up to $300 voucher for certain State champs (to be determined by state/region based on total participation).

Q: If I’ve already qualified for the KING SLAYER Championship Main Event can I play in the last chance tournaments or sit-n-go’s?

A: Yes, if you have qualified directly for the Main Event, you can still play Last Chance tourneys to get bonus chips at the final (3x starting stack max).

Q: I thought this was FREE poker now I have to pay for tournament buy-ins?

A: Cash King 2 - King Slayer features 2 championship tournaments (League Champ Championship and King Slayer Championship) which are both FREEROLL tournaments. No player is required to buy-in to optional cash qualifiers, but they are an additional bonus for those players who wish to take advantage of the opportunity to increase their starting stack. There is a nominal player registration fee for all tournaments which goes directly to the poker room to provide dealers, tokes, and free drinks. 

Q: What is the amount of the Last Chance buy-ins and Sit-n-Go’s?

A: See the King Slayer Tournament Schedule (tbd)

Q:  What is the biggest stack I can achieve for the King Slayer Championship or League Champ Championship?

A: Max starting stack for both the KING SLAYER Championship and League Champ Championship is 3x (qualifying as League Champ both quarters, or winning multiple TOC’s, or combination).

Q: What are the Online VIP Tournaments?

A: VIP members of FPN Online will have access to monthly qualifier for the KING SLAYER Championship plus $200 Travel Voucher!  Anyone can play the daily tourneys to qualify for the quarterly online championships (April). Online VIP members will have access to the KING SLAYER National Qualifier every month.  


New York Locations

Log Cabin Inn - Wednesdays 7pm

NE Cash King Winners

Congrats to the following players who won at the NE Cash King State Championship.  The top 3 won entry into the Main Event.

1.) Kelly Mohnson - Teps Bar & Grill
2.) Darren Jacobs - 16th Empire
3.) Mike Wiedenfeld Sr. - Norfolk Eagles
4.) Stephen Cannata - 16th Empire
5.) Kenny Maertins - Norfolk Eagles
6.) Nick Aloi - Switchyard
7.) Jacob Jobman - MVP Lounge
8.) Kirk Dugger - MVP Lounge
9.) Mike Wiedenfeld Jr. - Norfolk Eagles
10.) Brock Clouse - Teps Bar & Grill
11.) John Ensser - Frankies
12.) Rhonda Widger - Goonies
13.) Amy Longmore - 16th Empire
14.) Michelle Bain - Switchyard
15.) Kevin Fordyce - Goonies
Free-roll Winners
Chris Kudlalz
James Bain
Larry Meyer

ND Cash King Winners

Congrats to the following players who won at the ND Cash King State Championship.  The top 4 won entry into the Main Event.

1.) Matt Lyons - Champs
2.) Allan Zieman - Bis AmVets
3.) Bob Nelson - Old 10 Saloon
4.) Steve Fuglestad - Valley City Eagles
5.) Ron Johnsen - Bar Nine
6.) Mike Biel - Champs
7.) Howard Burns - Bis AmVets
8.) Sue Burns - Bis AmVets
9.) Don Braun - Valley City Eagles
10.) Rich McGregor - Tapps Lounge
11.) Gregg Franck - O'Kelly's
12.) Jason Kastrow - Rendezvous Lounge
13.) Jacob Pommerer - Valley City Eagles
14.) Iggy Weigel - Champs
15.) Gordy Swanberg - El Roco
16.) Scott Whitmore - Valley City Eagles
17.) Becky Boone - Bar Nine
18.) Phu Truong - The Bowler
19.) Michael Gronewold - Wahpeton Eagles
20.) Craig Argabright - Barley Pop


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