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Golden Ticket

Golden Ticket FPN Poker Pro 2 Promotion details

Up to 40 Trips to Vegas will be given away!

lasvegas-boulevard 240xQualify for the EXCLUSIVE national final for a chance to freeroll your way to the "Golden Ticket" poker pro package worth over $10,000, with a chance to win LIFE CHANGING MONEY!

Multiple Ways To Win!

  • Qualify at a participating bar league near you! Climb the leaderboard during the Spring and Summer sessions to earn bonus chips at PLAYOFF EVENTS!
  • Qualify ONLINE playing the FPN Online free poker website! MONTHLY CHAMPIONSHIP!
  • Qualify INSTANTLY playing our 7-Card Scratch Poker game (given to tournament winners). 
  • Qualify by taking down the Tournament of Champions

Once again, the Free Poker Network gives players the BEST chance to win significant prizes over any poker league in the country!

Scratch Poker Instant Winners - UPDATED

Weekly winners will receive the added bonus of playing our 7-card scratch poker game for a chance to INSTANTLY win CASH and a seat in the exclusive National Final!

The game has all 52 cards randomly arranged and hidden. Scratch off any SEVEN (7) to make the best poker hand possible. You will qualify for a seat in the national final INSTANTLY by getting 4 of a Kind or higher! Scratch a Royal Flush and you will also earn $1,000 cash! UPDATE. Scratch off 2 pair or better and you will be eligible for a new monthly drawing for seats in the national championship and/or prizes! Write your name and address on the back of the card and send it to FPN Gaming, 3317 Fiechtner Dr, Fargo, ND 58103 for the monthly drawing!


Play LIVE and play ONLINE for more chances to WIN

golden-ticket-gamecard-240xIn addition to qualifying through live play, you can also take a shot online! Weekly winners earn a GAME CARD that they can redeem on FPN Online for a seat in a 8-person sit-n-go qualifier. EVERY MONTH we will give away a grand prize package (like a trip to Las Vegas and a seat in the national final). BE SURE TO CHECK IF YOUR CODE IS THE "GOLDEN TICKET" or "GOLDEN TICKET EXPRESS"!!! You don't know unless you enter the code on the online site! If your code is the Golden Ticket, you INSTANTLY win a trip to Vegas and a seat in the Golden Ticket national final! If your card is a Golden Ticket Express, you will have the chance to play in an ultra-exclusive tournament (probably 5-10 people) for another Vegas package/seat. Not only can you win prizes through the league online, you can also win lots of other great stuff online! Be sure to register and download the FPN Online software and take a look! The best part -- it's 100% free to play and there are daily and weekly freerolls open to the public so even if you don't have a game card you can still play!

Click here for the download, info, and frequently asked questions. There are no-download options as well!


MONTHLY Qualifying Sessions!

Leaderboards reset every MONTH, giving players the opportunity to qualify without necessarily committing to the league for extended periods of time. This should help in recruiting new players, so spread the word to your friends who are not currently playing! The top qualifiers each month earn seats in regionals and if you qualify in multiple months you will get a 2X or 3X chip BONUS at regionals! There will be two rounds of regionals: Fall & Winter, followed by state championships. Players who qualify for the state championship more than once will get a double chip stack bonus at the event!

Perfect Attendance Drawings - EVERY MONTH!

Players who appear in each weekly tournament at a location are automatically entered into a MONTHLY drawing for awesome prizes! We have given away iPads, HDTVs, Laptops, tournament entries, national invitational seats, and more!. It pays to participate! Bring a friend and introduce them to the league! This season, we're giving away an iPad3, a Camcorder, HDTV, 100-pack of Scratch Poker cards, and a National Final Invitational Seat!

League Champ Medallion & Tournament of Champions

Win the points race at your bar in any quarter to earn the LEAGUE CHAMP title and the coveted League Champ Medallion! League Champs earn another bonus - automatically qualifying for the state championship... Also, at most participating bars there is a BONUS TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS for all regular season tournament winners. The overall bar champ will earn bragging rights, a T.O.C. medallion (pictured right), and a seat in the NATIONAL TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS online for a trip to Vegas and a seat in the national final. (note: at exclusive locations, the in-house T.O.C. tournament will qualify you directly to Vegas!) There's so many ways to win in the league, it's hard to keep them all straight!!!

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  • Find a participating poker league location near you. All tournaments are 100% free to play, please support your sponsoring establishments!
  • Score points by placing in the top 30% of weekly tournaments. All players receive 20 points just for showing up.
  • Accumulate points to climb the bar's leaderboard during MONTHLY SESSIONSrunning between Spring and Summer quarters (April 1st to Sept 30th, 2012).
  • Top players from each bar at the end of each month qualify for regional playoff tournaments, where they can earn a seat in the state championship event.
  • Qualify in multiple monthly sessions to earn 2x or 3x Chips Bonus in playoffs!
  • Top combined points earners in each quarter (Fall, Winter) will receive a special "League Champion" commemorative medallion.
  • Two rounds of regional playoffs: one for the Fall quarter and one for the Winter quarter to qualify for state playoff event.
  • Qualify for the state final at both regionals to earn 2x Bonus Chips in the state final!
  • State/Regional Championships: Spring regionals--July 2012; Summer regionals--October 2012; State Championships--Oct/Nov 2012. State champions (multiple winners in some areas) will earn a trip to Las Vegas and a seat in the national final. ADDITIONAL CASH & PRIZES, TROPHIES up for grabs at state championship tournaments!
  • National Championship Tournament & Party will be held in Las Vegas. This will be an exclusive tournament for all national qualifiers. The final tournament will be for the "GOLDEN TICKET" a $10,000 POKER CONTRACT and National Champ TITLE! plus thousdands of dollars in consolation prizes.


  • Every month a grand prize nationals qualifier package will be given away online. Win any league night at a participating location to receive a special Gamecard for entry to an online sit-n-go qualifier on Free Poker Network's online poker site "FPNOnline". To participate, simply download and register an account with the FPNOnline software, (one account per player), and enter the gamecard code in the "Get More Points" --> "Product Code" screen for an entry. There are also daily freerolls to qualify for additional entries, as well as LOTS of other cash and prizes up for grabs on the site. OVER $100,000 in CASH AND PRIZES ARE GIVEN AWAY EVERY MONTH!
  • Monthly online championship tournament dates are typically the 1st day of the new month.


  • UP TO 40 players will win a airfare voucher and hotel accommodations to Las Vegas to participate in FPN's exclusive "Golden Ticket" National Final.
  • THOUSANDS of Dollars in consolation prizes at the national final - to be determined based on overall participation.

◊ Good luck!


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