5 ND players win at the Party at the Palms

On Sunday, June 28th, ten North Dakota qualifiers for the Party at the Palms National Championship took their shot at one of 21 $1,500 packages.  The championship was on the 25th floor in the Kingpin and Erotic Suites at the Palms Casino.  The night before Hugh Hefner rented out the whole floor and had a private pajama party.  Just 12 hours before we started our tournament there were playboy bunnies running around in the exact same suites.  

The anticipation was high and the players had not one, but two shots of winning one of the packages.  First they played in a sit-n-go format where the last three players on each table won one of the packages.  If they didn't win the first go around, the second was a four table regular tournament where the top three players would win the remaining three packages.

When the dust settled after the first round of sit-n-go's we had four of the ten ND players win one of the $1,500 packages.  They were Chris Boehm (Westside Bar, Mandan), Pete Becknall (pictured above, Seib's Sports Bar, Elgin), Josh Duchscherer (Seven's Bar, Minot), and Jay Tooley (Southside Saloon, Dickinson).  One more ND winner was able to claim on of the last three packages in the second tournament as Jeri Schmidt from the Pheasant Cafe in Mott also took home a $1,500 package.

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