News and events from the Nebraska Poker League

NE Bar Owner Wins Sept Scratch Poker Drawing

In September Joe Sculley from Sculley's Shooters in North Platte Nebraska was drawn for the two pair or better drawing.  Joe is the bar owner and is the first bar owner in FPN's history to win the scratch poker drawing.  Congrats to Joe!  He is now qualified for our national championship on January 30th at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas!

Aaron Johnston Turns in 4 - Jacks

Aaaron JohnstonAaron Johnston from Gering, NE just got lucky by scratching his way to Vegas.  Aaron scratched off four jacks in seven attempts to get qualified for the National Championship in Las Vegas later this  year.  Way to go Aaron!



Oren Goering Wins 2 Pair or Better Drawing

Oren Goering from the Lincoln, NE area was the lucky winner in the two pair or better drawing recently.  Oren turned in trip 8's to get qualified and was drawn out of the hat.  He has now qualified for the National Championship in Las Vegas which will be on Friday, May 29th.  We will draw next week for the March two pair or winner drawing so stay tuned and good luck.

Ron Refior Hits Quad Kinds

Ron Refior from North Platte, NE just turned in four a kind to get qualified for the Casino Royale National Championship.  Ron scratched off four kings in only six attempts!  Way to go Ron!

Aarnold Andrews Wins Dec. 1st FPN Online Tourney

Arnold Andrews from the hot bed of poker in West, Nebraska was the big winner on December 1st.  He took down the FPN online tournament to secure his spot in the upcoming National Championship this summer.  North Platte has had many qualifiers and winners at Nationals and Arnold will look to continue the tradition. 

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